BIOMEX donates 100,000 euros to the Hopp Children’s Cancer Center KiTZ Heidelberg

With a donation check of 100,000 euros, BIOMEX supports the Hopp Children’s Cancer Center KiTZ Heidelberg.

“We would like to thank BIOMEX very much for this outstanding donation, which will help us to finance a mass spectrometer for the analysis and therapy of pediatric cancer,” says Prof. Dr. Andreas Kulozik, Director of Clinical Pediatric Oncology at the KiTZ.

Mass Spectroscopy is one of the most complicated techniques in modern medicine. It is used for the analysis and accurate quantity determination of proteins. This allows KiTZ to study the production of proteins in tumors, and in some cases even in individual cancer cells.
This is a crucial advance in therapy development.

“KiTZ does so much to give hope to affected children and families. We want to contribute by supporting the development of new treatment options,” said Oliver Bošnjak, at the donation ceremony.
We are proud to support the scientists at KiTZ in their valuable work on cancer diagnostics with our contribution.

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