Healthy Donors

Healthy Donors

BIOMEX operates two own donation centers in Heidelberg and Munich with a base of over 400 active donors. In our donor centers we can collect e.g., serum, plasma or PBMCs from any blood group. We also offer various further processing steps such as double spin and incubation as well as processing within 30 minutes after collection. All collections are performed under IRB-approved protocols or as approved by the IRB.

Please feel free to ask us – we would be more than happy to provide assistance.

Your Experts for Diagnostics

We solve problems for you that go far beyond the mere supply of products. We procure clinical samples worldwide, such as dengue fever and chikungunya samples from freshly infected people in Africa, all the HIV subtypes and progressive samples from Lyme disease patients.


PBMC Samples
Remnant Lab Samples
Characterized FFPE Blocks
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