Healthy Controls

Healthy Control Samples for Life Sciences R&D

With our donation centers, our laboratory partnerships and collaborations with clinical centers, we are able to provide you with panels of samples from healthy donors. Panels can be designed based on age ranges, single or mixed gender sets, or showing parameter values within normal reference ranges. 

Our laboratory and clinical center partnerships allow for provision of defined control groups that can be, e.g., samples from patients with certain clinical diagnoses or having parameter values outside normal reference ranges. 

As we are able to source in Germany, Southeastern Europe, Africa and South America, we can provide samples sets with different geographic background or from a mixture of distinct sites for real world sample collection.

Our Experts for Life Sciences

Unlock the potential of your research with our high-quality biospecimens and expert services. At BIOMEX, we believe that working with our customers is the best way to improve project success and reduce costs and development time.

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