Panels for Diagnostics

Panels for Diagnostics

Choose your panel either to be delivered from stock or to be customized upon request: Inhibition Panels, Interference Panels, Matched Sets, Q.C. Panels, Seroconversion Panels, and Standardization Panels.

Seroconversion Panels

Our Seroconversion Panels (SCPs) were developed from non-processed plasma. This was done by collecting plasma from an individual during the evolution of an infection, and the ensuing immunological response. Our seroconversion panels contain defined infection markers and include extensive sample data for comparative analysis.

Our SCPs are intended to be used in standard tests by diagnostic manufacturers and researchers during assay development, evaluation, troubleshooting, and post-monitoring of IgM/IgG antibody test systems and methods. In addition, these panels also serve as a validation tool for diagnostic sensitivity, for measuring analytical sensitivity, for identifying cut-off values, or for investigating the humoral immune response to a specific infection.

Here you can find a diverse selection of products with high quality data sets to help you evaluate your assays:
Order no.Old profile diagnostics no.MarkerPanel memberMember volumesTime period for donation
SCP-CMV-001RP-003CMV150.5 mLMar 94 – Jul 94
SCP-CMV-002RP-019CMV250.5 mLFeb 99 - May 99
SCP-CMV-005CMV60.5 mLNov 10 – Dec 10
SCP-CMV-006CMV240.5 mLFeb 11 – Jun 11
SCP-CMV-007CMV200.5 mLApr 12 – Aug 12
SCP-EBV-001EBV270.5 mLOct 12 – Feb 13
SCP-EBV-002EBV250.5 mLApr 13 - Nov 13
SCP-HAV-001RP-004HAV150.3 mLSep 94 – Nov 94
SCP-HAV-002RP-013HAV150.3 mLApr 96 – Oct 96
SCP-HBV-001RP-009HBV200.5 mLJul 95 – Feb 96
SCP-HBV-002RP-016HBV200.5 mLJul 96 – Dec 96
SCP-HBV-003RP-028HBV90.5 mLOct 96 – Nov 96
SCP-HBV-004RP-017HBV300.5 mLJan 97 – Jul 97
SCP-HBV-005RP-027HBV70.5 mLNov 97 – Jan 98
SCP-HBV-006RP-037HBV40.5 mLSep 98
SCP-HBV-007RP-020HBV30.5 mLJan 99 - Feb 99
SCP-HCV-001RP-006HCV200.5 mLJul 90 – Dec 91
SCP-HCV(Ag)-003HCV Ag only51.0 mLSep 13 - Oct 13
SCP-HCV-004HCV41.0 mLAug 12 - Sep 12
SCP-HCV(Ag)-005HCV Ag only71.0 mLJul 12 - Aug 12
SCP-HCV(Ag)-006HCV Ag only61.0 mLJan 14
SCP-HCV(Ag)-007HCV Ag only181.0 mLJul 12 - Nov 12
SCP-HCV(Ag)-008HCV Ag only111.0 mLDec 12 - Jan 13
SCP-HCV-009RP-038HCV80.5 mLOct 00 – Dec 00
SCP-HCV-010HCV91.0 mLFeb 12 - Mar 12
SCP-HCV-011HCV51.0 mLMar 12 - Apr 12
SCP-HCV-012HCV41.0 mLOct 13
SCP-HEV-001aHEV81.0 mLJun 11 – Aug 11
SCP-HEV-001bHEV81.5 mLJun 11 – Aug 11
SCP-HEV-002aHEV81.0 mLJun 11 – Sep 11
SCP-HEV-002bHEV81.5 mLJun 11 – Sep 11
SCP-HEV-003aHEV121.0 mLJun 11 – Oct 11
SCP-HEV-003bHEV121.5 mLJun 11 – Oct 11
SCP-HEV-004aHEV111.0 mLAug 11 – Sep 11
SCP-HEV-004bHEV111.5 mLAug 11 – Sep 11
SCP-HEV-005aHEV201.0 mLJul 11 – Dec 11
SCP-HEV-005bHEV201.5 mLJul 11 – Dec 11
SCP-HEV-006aHEV231.0 mLJul 11 – Jan 12
SCP-HEV-006bHEV231.5 mLJul 11 – Jan 12
SCP-HEV-007aHEV171.0 mLAug 11 – Jan 12
SCP-HEV-007bHEV171.5 mLAug 11 – Jan 12
SCP-HEV-008aHEV111.0 mLAug 11 – Dec 11
SCP-HEV-008bHEV111.5 mLAug 11 – Dec 11
SCP-HEV-009aHEV91.0 mLAug 11 – Dec 11
SCP-HEV-009bHEV91.5 mLAug 11 – Dec 11
SCP-HIV1-002RP-002HIV 1201.0 mLMay 88 – Sep 88
SCP-HIV1-003RP-007HIV 171.0 mLApr 94 - Jun 94
SCP-HIV1-004RP-034HIV 171.0 mLApr 97 - Jun 97
SCP-HIV1-005RP-018HIV 1251.0 mLJan 98 - Jun 98
SCP-HIV1-006RP-029HIV 1171.0 mLFeb 99 - May 99
SCP-HIV1-007RP-033HIV 191.0 mLMay 00 - Jun 00
SCP-HIV1-008HIV 181.0 mLAug 11 - Oct 11
SCP-MEA-001RP-005Measles150.5 mLMay 94 - Jul 94
SCP-RUB-001RP-001Rubella151.0 mLDec 92 - Jan 93
SCP-RUB-002RP-014Rubella131.0 mLApr 93 - May 93
SCP-RUB-003RP-011Rubella201.0 mLMar 96 - Jun 96
SCP-RUB-004Rubella150.5 mLMar 15 - May 15
SCP-PARVO-001Parvo B190.2 mL

Matched Sets

The matched sets are used to reveal any potential influential effects of various anticoagulants on the test result. Available from healthy donors in panels of 5 or 10 samples. We would also be happy to accept any matched sets at the customer’s request. All donors are tested negative/non-reactive for anti-HIV, anti-HCV and HBsAg using CE certified tests.

Of course, we also conduct Sample Storage Stability Studies for you – use our service for your project.

Order no.Product descriptionVolumes
MSS-005 (5 sample sets)
MSS-010 (10 sample sets)
MSS-XXX (customized)
Matched sets small
Sodium citrate
Lithium heparin
1.0 mL
MSS-005 (5 sample sets)
MSS-010 (10 sample sets)
MSS-XXX (customized)
Matched sets large*
Sodium citrate
Sodium heparin
Lithium heparin
K-oxalate / Na-fluoride
1.0 mL

or contract production

CS Screening Test Panels​

CS panels are used to meet the requirements under 2017/746 (IVDR), specified in the CS for Class D devices. More information on the IVDR can be found here.

Seroconversion panels start with (a) negative collection(s) and have narrow collection intervals.

If you have further questions about the IVDR or need assistance in implementing the requirements, please contact us.

Diagnostic Sensitivity Panels

Order. no.PanelProduct description
Panels for screening tests (acc. to Table 1, CTS):
CTS-HIVAnti-HIV 1/2 panel400 Anti-HIV 1 positive samples with
  • 40 non-B-subtypes (in each case at least 3 samples of the subtypes A, C, D, F, G, H, J, K, CRF01_AE, CRF02_AG, CRF06_cpx3, CRF11_cpx and group O)
  • 3 subtypes B
  • 357 Anti-HIV 1 samples unspecified
100 Anti-HIV 2 samples
CTS-HIV30 HIV seroconversion panelsAll seroconversion samples include established positives (they are p24 antigen and/or HIV RNA positive, established/detected by antibody screening (verification) tests and determined to be positive or undetermined by means of confirmatory tests), and include at least 40 early HIV seroconversion samples (these are p24 antigen and/or HIV RNA positive, not established/determined by antibody screening tests and determined as undetermined or negative using confirmatory tests)
CTS-HCVAnti-HCV panel400 Anti-HCV positive samples with
  • 21 of genotype 1
  • 21 of genotype 2
  • 21 of genotype 3
  • 21 of genotype 4
  • 21 of genotype 4 not subtype A
  • 5 of genotype 5
  • 280 HCV samples unspecified
CTS-HCV30 HCV seroconversion panels
CTS-HBsAgHBsAg Panel400 HBsAg positive samples with the different subtypes A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, D1-7, E, F1-4, G, H
CTS-HBsAg30 HBV seroconversion panels

Diagnostic Specificity Panels

Order no. PanelsProduct description
CTS-BDPBlood donor panels5000 (screening test) or 1000 (rapid test) samples from unselected blood donors from at least 2 different European donation centers
CTS-HPPHospitalized patient panels200 samples from patients suffering from severe illness and on medication
Cross-reaction panels
More than 100 samples containing cross-reacting substances such as RF +, autoimmune antibodies, EBV, CMV, hepatitis samples, etc.
General test panelsRF +, HAMA, pregnant women, multipara, hyper-IgM, hyper-IgG, dialysis patients, influenza vaccinated individuals, etc.
30 samples (in each case 3 samples)
Blood bank marker panelsAnti-HIV 1, Anti-HCV, HBsAg, Anti-Syphilis etc.
15 samples (in each case 3 samples)
Herpes panelsAnti-HSV 1, Anti-HSV 2, Anti-VZV, Anti-EBV, Anti-CMV
15 samples (in each case 3 samples)
 Hepatitis panelsAnti-HAV, Anti-HBs, Anti-HBc, Anti-HEV
12 samples (in each case 3 samples)
 Inhibition panelsHemolytic, lipemic and icteric samples, low, mid and high concentration in addition to a negative control
36 samples (in each case 3 samples)
Serum / plasma equivalence panels
In the case of products intended by the manufacturer for testing serum and plasma, the serum-plasma equivalence must be confirmed in the performance evaluation. Evidence must be provided from at least 50 donations (25 positive and 25 negative). 
 25 negative matched setsSerum, plasma (including all anticoagulants that might be used)

CS NAT Panels

CS panels are used to meet the requirements under 2017/746 (IVDR), specified in the CS for Class D devices. More information on the IVDR can be found here.

If you have further questions about the IVDR or need assistance in implementing the requirements, please contact us.

Diagnostic Sensitivity Panels

Order no. PanelsProduct description
Panel for NAT testing (according to Table 2 CS):
Panel for Genotype/Subtype Detection/Quantification Efficiency
NAT-HIVNAT-HIV 1 Panel10 samples of each subtype
NAT-HCVNAT-HCV Panel10 samples of each genotype
NAT-HBVNAT-HBV Panel10 samples of each subtype
Seroconversion panel
For qualitative PCR tests, diagnostic sensitivity must be evaluated on at least 10 seroconversion panels.
They start with (a) negative collection(s) and have narrow collection intervals.
10 HIV Seroconversion panel
10 HCV Seroconversion panel
10 HBV Seroconversion panel

Diagnostic Specificity Panels

Order no. PanelsProduct description
NAT-BDPBlood donor panel500 samples of unselected blood donors (from at least 2 different European donation centers) for qualitative testing or 100 samples of unselected blood donors for quantitative testing.
NAT-HPPHospital-patients panel200 samples from patients suffering from severe diseases and under medication.
Cross contamination panel
To investigate possible carryover, at least five test series with alternating high positive and negative samples during robustness testing. The high positive samples contain samples with high viral load.
CCP-HIVNAT-HIV Kreuzkontaminationspanel5 HIV samples with high titer and 5 negative samples
CCP-HCVNAT-HCV Kreuzkontaminationspanel5 HCV samples with high titer and 5 negative samples
CCP-HBVNAT-HBV Kreuzkontaminationspanel5 HBV samples with high titer and 5 negative samples
Cross-Reactivity Panel
By demonstrating an appropriate test design (e.g., sequence comparison) and/or testing on at least 10 specimens, Positive for human samples with related viral infection.
CRP-HIVNAT-HIV Cross-Reactivity Panel10 human retrovirus positive samples (e.g. HTLV)
CRP-HCVNAT-HCV Cross-Reactivity Panel10 human flavivirus positive samples (e.g. HGV, YFV).
CRP-HBVNAT-HBV Cross-Reactivity Panel10 human DNA virus positive samples
Serum Plasma Equivalent Panel
For devices intended by the manufacturer to be tested in serum and plasma, serum-to-plasma correspondence must be demonstrated in the performance evaluation. Evidence must be provided on at least 50 donations (25 positive and 25 negative).
25 negative Matched SetsSerum, plasma (including any anticoagulants that may be used).

Inhibition Panels

The Inhibition Panels, hemolytic, lipemic and icteric specimens serve to detect inhibition effects in diagnostic assays that could occur as a result of interfering substances commonly found in serum, plasma or whole blood specimens. Available in different kit sizes: 5, 10 or more from normal healthy donors. We produce custom-made solutions for you.

Order no.Components (matrix: EDTA)Concentration rangeQuantity
IHH-005 (5 sample sets)
IHH-010 (10 sample sets)
IHH-XXX (customized)
Hemolytic negative control
Hemolytic plasma low* 
Hemolytic plasma medium*
Hemolytic plasma high*
0.0 - 0.1 mg/dL
0.5 - 0.7 mg/dL
0.9 - 1.1 mg/dL
1.9 - 2.2 mg/dL
1.0 mL
Components (matrix: CPD)
IHL-005 (5 sample sets)
IHL-010 (10 sample sets)
IHL-XXX (customized)
Lipaemic negative control
Lipaemic plasma low* 
Lipaemic plasma medium*
Lipaemic plasma high*
50 - 199.9 mg/dL
200 - 399.9 mg/dL
400 - 800 mg/dL
400 - 800 mg/dL
1.0 mL
Components (matrix: Serum)
IHI-005 (5 sample sets)
IHI-010 (10 sample sets)
IHI-XXX (customized)
Icteric negative control**
Icteric plasma low**
Icteric plasma medium**
Icteric plasma high**
to be defined
18 - 22 mg/dL
38 - 42 mg/dL
58 - 62 mg/dL
1.0 mL
* native samples
** spiked samples

Interference Panels

Our cross-reaction panels allow to select a specific combination of various potential cross-reactants.

The panels are available in different pack sizes for one (ABC-001), five (ABC-005) or ten (ABC-010) sample sets from healthy donors. If desired, we can also offer larger packaging units (ABC-XXX).

We produce custom-made solutions for you.

Order no.ProductVolumes
General test panels
•   Rheumatoid factor
•   HAMA
•   Pregnant woman
•   Multipara
•   Hyper IgM, IgG
•   Dialysis patient
•   Recipient of an influenza vaccination (max. 6 months old)
1.0 mL
Blood bank marker panels (3-pack, 6-pack, or made-to-order)
•   Anti-HIV 1         
•   Anti-HAV           
•   Anti-HBs          
•   Anti-HTLV I/II  
•   Anti-HCV           
•   Anti-Syphilis     
•   Anti-HBc         
•   HBsAg               
•   Anti-CMV         
•   Anti-Chagas         
… and more*
1.0 mL
Herpes panels
•   Anti-HSV 1
•   Anti-HSV 2
•   Anti-VZV
•   Anti-EBV
•   Anti-CMV
•   Anti-HHV 6
•   Anti-HHV 7
•   Anti-HHV 8
1.0 mL
Hepatitis panels
•   Anti-HAV
•   HBsAg
•   Anti-HBs
•   Anti-HBc
•   Anti-HCV
•   Anti-HEV
1.0 mL
Negative plasma panels
Can be used to check the specificity of tests
•   Anti-HIV
•   Anti-HBs/HBsAg
•   Anti-HCV
•   Anti-CMV
•   Anti-HTLV I/II
•   Anti-Syphilis
… and more*
According to the regulatory requirements up to 5000 individuals
1.0 mL
* or contract production

Various Panels

BIOMEX offers a wide range of other panels. Contact us if you need a specific panel that is not listed here. We are happy to produce customized panels.

 Order no.ProductPanel memberMember volumesAdditional information
MSP-HIV-001Anti-HIV Mixed subtype panel220.5 mL

Incl. HIV 1, HIV 1 gO,
HIV 2 and 2 x neg.
MTP-HTLV-001Anti-HTLV I/II mixed titer panel151.0 mLHTLV I/II pos., neg. and unclear
VFP-HCV-001HCV verification panel100.5 mLSampling Feb 98 – Mar 98
NP-RUB-001Rubella negative panel1000.5 mL
LPS-HCVAg-001HCV Ag linearity panel min501.0 mLHCV Ag range:
4.0 - 49.941 fmol/L
LPL-HCVAg-001HCV Ag linearity panel max1001.0 mLHCV Ag range:
4.0 - 97.243 fmol/L
VAP-HCVAg-001HCV Ag validation panel low201.0 mLHCV Ag range:
4.0 - 1,645.94 fmol/L
VAP-HCVAg-002HCV Ag validation panel medium201.0 mLHCV Ag range:
430 - 18,537 fmol/L
VAP-HCVAg-003HCV Ag validation panel high201.0 mLHCV Ag range:
1,136 - 80,197 fmol/L

QC Release Panels

QC release panels (serum and plasma)

Through our donor collection centers and our cooperation with laboratory facilities BIOMEX provides almost all parameters with different ranges off the shelf.
The QC Release Panels are tailor made in the ranges and parameters that are required. 

  • Positive – low, medium, high range
  • Negative – no analyte, no virus, no specific antibody
  • Cut-off – values at range of LoD to clinical decision point

Please also note the subpage with our extensive range of human biosamples with positive infection markers.

Or use this opportunity to search for your desired sample directly in our database:

ZeptoMetrix Panel

The North American company ZeptoMetrix® is one of the market leaders for high quality seroconversion panels with a very favorable price-performance ratio. Seroconversion panels assist diagnostic manufacturers, researchers and clinical laboratories in the development or evaluation of new assays and are therefore an indispensable tool for quality control and quality assurance. The panels contain defined infection markers as well as extensive sample data for comparative analysis. 

BIOMEX markets the ZeptoMetrix® product portfolio exclusively in Europe.

 Order no.MarkerMemberMember volumes
EBV9097EBV141.0 mL
HBV10231HBV161.0 mL
HBV10232HBV61.0 mL
HBV11000HBV91.0 mL
HBV11001HBV81.0 mL
HBV11002HBV61.0 mL
HBV11003HBV81.0 mL
HBV11004HBV81.0 mL
HBV11005HBV141.0 mL
HBV11006HBV171.0 mL
HBV11007HBV141.0 mL
HBV11008HBV181.0 mL
HBV11009HBV231.0 mL
HBV11010HBV181.0 mL
HBV11011HBV141.0 mL
HBV11012HBV61.0 mL
HBV11013HBV351.0 mL
HBV11014HBV121.0 mL
HBV11015HBV141.0 mL
HBV11016HBV101.0 mL
HBV11017HBV141.0 mL
HBV11024HBV141.0 mL
HBV11026HBV161.0 mL
HBV11027HBV141.0 mL
HBV11028HBV101.0 mL
HBV11029HBV131.0 mL
HBV11031HBV161.0 mL
HBV11052HBV131.0 mL
HBV11056HBV111.0 mL
HBV11058HBV81.0 mL
HBV11059HBV91.0 mL
HBV11062HBV121.0 mL
HBV11064HBV91.0 mL
HBV11069HBV151.0 mL
HBV6271HBV51.0 mL
HBV6272HBV251.0 mL
HBV6273HBV61.0 mL
HBV6274HBV71.0 mL
HBV6275HBV71.0 mL
HBV6276HBV81.0 mL
HBV6277HBV111.0 mL
HBV6278HBV111.0 mL
HBV6279HBV71.0 mL
HBV6280HBV51.0 mL
HBV6281HBV121.0 mL
HBV6282HBV141.0 mL
HBV6283HBV111.0 mL
HBV6284HBV191.0 mL
HBV6285HBV161.0 mL
HBV6286HBV91.0 mL
HBV6287HBV111.0 mL
HBV6288HBV91.0 mL
HBV6289HBV101.0 mL
HBV6290HBV121.0 mL
HBV6291HBV81.0 mL
HBV6292HBV121.0 mL
HBV6293HBV71.0 mL
HBV9072HBV181.0 mL
HBV9073HBV161.0 mL
HBV9074HBV201.0 mL
HBV9092HBV371.0 mL
HBV9093HBV311.0 mL
HBV9098HBV171.0 mL
HBV9099HBV201.0 mL
HCV10000HCV PCR101.0 mL
HCV10002HCV PCR71.0 mL
HCV10003HCV PCR131.0 mL
HCV10004HCV PCR61.0 mL
HCV10007HCV PCR111.0 mL
HCV10008HCV PCR101.0 mL
HCV10009HCV PCR61.0 mL
HCV10010HCV PCR71.0 mL
HCV10011HCV PCR131.0 mL
HCV10012HCV PCR131.0 mL
HCV10013HCV PCR101.0 mL
HCV10014HCV PCR41.0 mL
HCV10016HCV PCR121.0 mL
HCV10017HCV PCR161.0 mL
HCV10019HCV PCR81.0 mL
HCV10020HCV PCR131.0 mL
HCV10021HCV PCR141.0 mL
HCV10022HCV PCR111.0 mL
HCV10023HCV PCR211.0 mL
HCV10024HCV PCR81.0 mL
HCV10025HCV PCR111.0 mL
HCV10026HCV PCR121.0 mL
HCV10027HCV PCR81.0 mL
HCV10028HCV PCR71.0 mL
HCV10029HCV PCR161.0 mL
HCV10030HCV PCR81.0 mL
HCV10032HCV PCR161.0 mL
HCV10033HCV PCR101.0 mL
HCV10036HCV PCR131.0 mL
HCV10043HCV PCR101.0 mL
HCV10044HCV PCR41.0 mL
HCV10045HCV PCR51.0 mL
HCV10050HCV PCR151.0 mL
HCV10051HCV PCR141.0 mL
HCV10052HCV PCR121.0 mL
HCV10057HCV71.0 mL
HCV10058HCV71.0 mL
HCV10062HCV81.0 mL
HCV10071HCV71.0 mL
HCV10165HCV91.0 mL
HCV10185HCV51.0 mL
HCV10235HCV Pre/Post51.0 mL
HCV6215HCV41.0 mL
HCV6216HCV71.0 mL
HCV6217HCV51.0 mL
HCV6218HCV81.0 mL
HCV6219HCV141.0 mL
HCV6220HCV61.0 mL
HCV6221HCV81.0 mL
HCV6222HCV81.0 mL
HCV6223HCV221.0 mL
HCV6224HCV61.0 mL
HCV6225HCV191.0 mL
HCV6226HCV121.0 mL
HCV6227HCV71.0 mL
HCV6228HCV121.0 mL
HCV6229HCV81.0 mL
HCV9041HCV81.0 mL
HCV9042HCV61.0 mL
HCV9043HCV61.0 mL
HCV9044HCV61.0 mL
HCV9045HCV81.0 mL
HCV9046HCV51.0 mL
HCV9047HCV101.0 mL
HCV9048HCV81.0 mL
HCV9049HCV51.0 mL
HCV9050HCV131.0 mL
HCV9054HCV101.0 mL
HCV9055HCV111.0 mL
HCV9057HCV111.0 mL
HCV9058HCV51.0 mL
HCV9094HCV51.0 mL
HCV9095HCV51.0 mL
HIV10234HIV Pre/Post31.0 mL
HIV12007HIV91.0 mL
HIV12008HIV131.0 mL
HIV6244HIV131.0 mL
HIV6248HIV71.0 mL
HIV9011HIV111.0 mL
HIV9012HIV81.0 mL
HIV9013HIV71.0 mL
HIV9014HIV51.0 mL
HIV9015HIV81.0 mL
HIV9016HIV101.0 mL
HIV9018HIV111.0 mL
HIV9019HIV31.0 mL
HIV9020HIV221.0 mL
HIV9021HIV171.0 mL
HIV9022HIV91.0 mL
HIV9023HIV221.0 mL
HIV9024HIV121.0 mL
HIV9025HIV121.0 mL
HIV9026HIV71.0 mL
HIV9028HIV71.0 mL
HIV9029HIV121.0 mL
HIV9030HIV161.0 mL
HIV9031HIV191.0 mL
HIV9032HIV101.0 mL
HIV9033HIV161.0 mL
HIV9034HIV131.0 mL
HIV9075HIV51.0 mL
HIV9076HIV91.0 mL
HIV9077HIV271.0 mL
HIV9078HIV51.0 mL
HIV9079HIV251.0 mL
HIV9081HIV41.0 mL
HIV9082HIV41.0 mL
HIV9084HIV41.0 mL
HIV9089HIV61.0 mL
HIV9096HIV61.0 mL
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