Blood Specimens

Our range of human blood biospecimens

Our focus is on delivering exceptional human blood derived biospecimens, including plasma, serum and whole blood. We comprehend the significance of these crucial materials in medical and applied research, development and validation in the pharma, diagnostics and life sciences industry. Therefore, we are dedicated to sourcing and providing only the highest quality.

Our team of specialists collaborates with our network of donors, clinics, and laboratories to ensure that all of our human blood biospecimens meet the most stringent standards. Regardless of whether you are in research, development or application, or whether you need samples from healthy donors, controls or defined diseased groups – we are here to assist you in finding the appropriate biospecimens to suit your requirements.

Guaranteed availability through secure sourcing channels

We obtain samples for your projects from various sources, including our donation centers in Heidelberg and Munich, as well as through established laboratory partnerships. With a pool of over 300 active donors, we can accommodate a wide range of requests. We also collect samples from Africa, either through our own donation center in Cameroon or through our partner study centers.

Additionally, we can source samples from our network of hospital sites in Serbia and South America/Peru for both existing and future collections. If you have specific research needs, we can provide prospectively collected samples with positive or negative test results or parameter values in certain ranges. Our extensive clinical network also provides access to a variety of disease indications and matching control groups.


PBMC Samples
Remnant Lab Samples
Characterized FFPE Blocks
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