How we work

Your success at the center:
Partnering with BIOMEX

At BIOMEX we believe that partnering with our customers is the best way to improve project success and reduce costs and development times, ultimately shortening the way of new therapies to the patients.

Partnering with BIOMEX step by step:

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Introduction Phase

You will be assisted in your project by a trained Business Development specialist who will be your point of contact throughout planning and implementation. Early on in the process, the specialist will collect with your help basic information on requirements and goals, and will draft and execute a confidentiality agreement.

Drafting Phase

The specialist will work with you to draft an overview of your work-flow, project stage – governance – goals and KPIs, logistics and manufacturing plants, involved departments and timelines. He will consult with the different departments (such as R&D, Process development, QA/QC, Analytical Development, Regulatory, Logistics, Manufacturing, Purchase etc) involved in the project to collect different perspectives and KPIs and identify criticalities. You can expect an open and transparent communication at this stage, where possible problems and discrepancies are discussed and where a draft of the future collaboration (including the drafting of a balanced scorecard and the formation of a steering committee) is redacted. The scope of the partnership is evaluated by both partners at this point, and a contractual agreement will conclude the drafting phase.

Planning Phase

The specialist will connect you with the responsible BIOMEX project team and serve as a reference point for a newly created joint multifunctional team (JMT) consisting of your project stakeholders and the BIOMEX project team. This JMT will agree on goals, timelines, deliverables and budgets and will autonomously plan regular coordination calls.

Execution Phase

The JMT will implement the agreed solutions, regularly updating the balanced scorecard to keep track of progress, and will report on progress and obstacles to the steering committee, who will facilitate problem solution to ensure timely, high quality and on budget project delivery.

Our Experts for Life Sciences

We solve problems for our customers that go far beyond the mere supply of products. We procure clinical samples worldwide, such as dengue fever and chikungunya samples from freshly infected people in Africa, all the HIV subtypes and also progressive samples from Lyme disease patients.

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