Sustainability at BIOMEX

For us, sustainability means taking into account the ecological, social and economic aspects in our everyday business activities.

We are committed to our customers to comply with ecological standards and to make environmentally conscious decisions in the sourcing, manufacturing, storage and shipping of our products.

Social and community engagement

As a company, we have an overall social and ecological responsibility that we are happy to accept and fulfill to the best of our ability.

Be it through the financial support of heartfelt projects, through monetary donations in favor of medical research and the development of new therapeutic approaches or the planned generation of solar energy through our own photovoltaic system.

We are a training company! Because for us, the professional training of young people is also part of this responsibility for each other and is an investment in the future.

For many years, we have been offering young people in our company a training position and passing on our knowledge and our professional – and sometimes even our life – experiences.  It is all the more gratifying when our trainees are happy to stay with us after successfully completing their training and continue to strengthen the team.

Local focus

We have been based in Heidelberg for many years and feel very close to the region. Therefore, we are very happy to support smaller local projects that take care of people in need in our region or that have a connection to us or our employees.

Support for medical research and development

As a company in the biotechnology sector, we have many points of contact with various disease areas, and even away from our day-to-day work we are constantly reminded of how valuable our own health is. That is why we support research groups and institutions that have made it their mission to explore new therapeutic approaches in oncology.

BIOMEX supports cancerresearch on Burkitt's lymphoma in children.

Burkitt’s lymphoma is a fast-growing cancer of the lymphatic system. While it is relatively rare in adults, it is one of the common cancers in children. The chances of cure are high – yet only twenty percent of children who suffer a relapse survive.

With a donation of 40,000 euros, BIOMEX is supporting the excellent work of two university groups investigating on Burkitt’s lymphoma in children:

Prof. Dr. Dr. Birgit Burkhardt’s group from Münster University Hospital (UKM) is trying to understand the genetic mechanisms in the cells that underlie the relapse of affected children.
The group of Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Wößmann from the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) is establishing methods to help identify children at risk of relapse at an early stage.

We are very pleased to be able to contribute to a better understanding of this disease with our donation and wish the two research groups every success with their projects.

„Every brilliant experiment, like every great work of art, starts with an act of imagination.“

Oliver Bošnjak | General Manager

With a donation check of 100,000 euros, BIOMEX supports the Hopp Children's Cancer Center

“We would like to thank BIOMEX GmbH very much for this outstanding donation, which will help us to finance a mass spectrometer for the analysis and therapy of pediatric cancer.”

– Prof. Dr. Andreas Kulozik, Director of Clinical Pediatric Oncology at the KiTZ.

February 2022 – Mass Spectroscopy is one of the most complicated techniques in modern medicine. It is used for the analysis and accurate quantity determination of proteins. This allows KiTZ to study the production of proteins in tumors, and in some cases even in individual cancer cells. This is a crucial advance in therapy development.

“KiTZ does so much to give hope to affected children and families. We want to contribute by supporting the development of new treatment options,” said Oliver Bošnjak, at the donation ceremony.

We are proud to support the scientists at KiTZ in their valuable work on cancer diagnostics with our contribution.

Global commitment

Only by working together will we be able to ensure that we can live together on our planet in a way that is worth living. This concerns on the one hand the conservation of our natural resources, and on the other hand the commitment to people who are in need. Solidarity has no limits for us.

Support of Intact

Support of Intact (I)NTACT e.V. is an aid organization that campaigns for the right of girls and women to an intact body. For over twenty


Support for Ukraine – BIOMEX collects 6,000 euros

June 2022 – The people in Ukraine urgently need our support. Many have lost their homes, have fled and are dependent on our help. Therefore, BIOMEX has launched a fundraising campaign and collected monies for the German-Ukrainian Society Rhine-Neckar e. V.

We are extremely grateful for how many employees have participated in the campaign: 6000 euros were collected. Great achievement! And the best thing is: BIOMEX will quintuple this amount to a total of 30,000 euros!

A huge thank you to all our employees who supported this campaign with their generous donations to help and support the Ukraine.

"For me, it is important to work for an employer who is socially committed. This behavior is also of great importance internally."

Nicole-Müller Alof | Head of Marketing

Donation to the Goethe Corona Fund of the Goethe University and Frankfurt University Hospital

2021 – The idea of ​​the Goethe Corona Fund originated during the first days of the pandemic: Researchers should be supported immediately and unbureaucratically through donations so that they can make their contribution towards overcoming the covid crisis. Combining forces and providing competent help – more than 2000 private individuals, foundations and companies have now involved themselves in supporting this goal.

Since the Goethe Corona Fund of the Goethe University has made an important contribution to research surrounding SARS-CoV-2 with great success, those responsible now feel particularly committed to international solidarity. Considering this, urgent support for the covid emergency assistance towards India was called for at the suggestion of the scientific community on the Riedberg campus. BIOMEX has responded to this call and is supporting covid emergency assistance for India.  

Support of Intact

(I)NTACT e.V. is an aid organization that campaigns for the right of girls and women to an intact body. For over twenty years, the organization has been successfully fighting against the cruel tradition of female genital mutilation in Africa.

Donation for earthquake victims in Nepal

The devastating earthquake of April 2015 sparked a wave of helpfulness. We provide assistance through “Future for Nepals’s children e.V.”

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