Diseased Clinical Samples

Diseased Clinical Samples for Life Sciences R&D

BIOMEX established a multinational clinical network with expert access to all clinically relevant patient populations, e.g., in oncology, immunology, infectiology, metabolic diseases and beyond. Disease cohorts can be designed based on clinical diagnosis, including established parameters values in pathologic ranges. 

We are able to include samples from patients that are treatment naïve, during treatment phases or in wash-out/post-treatment phase for a variety of diseases. Multi-timepoint collections can be offered as well as collections with matched sample sets using different blood collection tubes (Plasma, Serum, etc.).

Although many of such diseased/clinical sample sets have to be collected prospectively, BIOMEX also has a huge biobank of retrospective samples that are annotated based on disease and/or with parameter values that indicate disease states.

Our Experts for Life Sciences

Unlock the potential of your research with our high-quality biospecimens and expert services. At BIOMEX, we believe that working with our customers is the best way to improve project success and reduce costs and development time.

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