Tissue Sourcing & Cell Isolation

Tissue Sourcing and Cell Isolation

Our team of experts specializes in providing high-quality, reliable services for the isolation and characterization of cells from a wide range of tissue sources. These services are critical for drug discovery and development, as they provide the necessary starting materials for downstream analysis and in vitro testing. Whether you need cells for basic research or for preclinical testing, we are here to help.

Our services include:

  • Fresh/Frozen Cell Isolation:

    We offer isolation of cells from fresh or frozen tissue samples, using a variety of methods such as enzymatic digestion, mechanical dissociation, and more.

  • Magnetic Cell Separation

    Our magnetic cell separation technology allows for the efficient and specific isolation of cells based on cell surface markers.

  • Spiked Samples

    We can prepare samples that contain a known number of cells, particles, or concentrations of compounds, useful for validation and calibration of downstream analysis.

  • Tumoroid, Spheroid and Organoid Preparation

    We provide a service for the preparation of tumoroids, spheroids and organoids. These 3D cell cultures mimic the architecture and cellular composition of tumors and healthy organs.

  • FACS Analysis

    We provide flow cytometry analysis services, allowing for the characterization and quantification of cell populations based on their surface markers.

Our Experts for Life Sciences

Unlock the potential of your research with our high-quality biospecimens and expert services. At BIOMEX, we believe that working with our customers is the best way to improve project success and reduce costs and development time.

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