BIOMEX at CACLP 2024 in China

From March 16 to 18, BIOMEX attended CACLP 2024 with its own booth, N3-0828.

The highlight was our special session, during which our colleagues Ling Cheng, Lu Li, and our general manager, Oliver Bosnjak, provided valuable insights into the supply of human biological specimens to China, the regulatory challenges and solutions, as well as our experience from more than 225 IVD clinical trials for market access in Europe.

What can our clients expect from BIOMEX?

Europe’s Leading Provider for Human Biospecimens: With three donor centers in Europe and Africa, over 600,000 human specimens in stock, and the largest inventory of human bulk plasma and high-quality biospecimens, we’re your go-to source.

Trusted Partner for Clinical IVD Trials: Our dedicated team ensures the highest quality throughout the entire process, offering clinical performance evaluation studies, near-patient testing, usability studies, and more. With over 225 successfully completed IVD studies, you can trust us with your trials.

For those unable to attend CACLP in person, don’t worry! We are committed to serving our customers in China through our NeckarBiotechnology office in Shanghai. Get ready to explore innovative solutions and dive into the future of medical technology with us.

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