Empowering early detection with our cardiac biomarkers

According to the WHO, cardiovascular diseases are still the most common cause of death worldwide. In Germany alone, over 20% of women and more than 25% of men aged 65 and above suffer from coronary heart disease, a precursor to potentially fatal heart attacks. Patients with heart failure deserve similar attention, as their average five-year […]

Another successful “Get Together” hosted by Mex Group!

Together with our colleagues from ESfEQA, DiaMex, provitro and Symbiosis it was time for our second „Get Together” organized by our holding Mex Group. It was a pleasure to meet our colleagues, share our thoughts and experiences and strengthen our collaboration. Among other things, we had the opportunity to present our new, innovative project to […]

BIOMEX at CACLP 2024 in China

From March 16 to 18, BIOMEX attended CACLP 2024 with its own booth, N3-0828. The highlight was our special session, during which our colleagues Ling Cheng, Lu Li, and our general manager, Oliver Bosnjak, provided valuable insights into the supply of human biological specimens to China, the regulatory challenges and solutions, as well as our […]

BIOMEX provides Matched Sets from healthy donors

Discover the impact of anticoagulants on test results with our matched sets sourced from healthy donors. Available in panels of 5 or 10 samples, our sets ensure consistency and reliability for your research. ✔️ Rigorous Testing: All donors are tested negative for anti-HIV, anti-HCV, and HBsAg using CE certified tests, ensuring the highest quality of […]

BIOMEX presents: Human ECM for cancer and stem cell research!

BIOMEX presents its innovative project: Human ECM for cancer and stem cell research at the World Organoid Research Day conference WORD 2024 at the Hinxton Hall Conference Centre in Hinxton, Cambridge, United Kingdom from 27-28 February. The power of human fresh tissue collection and tissue providing for pre-clinical researches in life science were presented by […]

BIOMEX at Medica 2023

We would like to thank all our customers and interested visitors once again, with whom we were able to have very good discussions throughout the duration of the trade fair. It was great to meet new and old faces. If you didn’t make it to Medica this year, no problem! Our colleagues are always available […]

BIOMEX is growing again

We are thrilled to announce the newest acquisition to the BIOMEX family: SYMBIOSIS. With over 30 years of expertise and experience in analytical services for the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries, SYMBIOSIS brings a wealth of knowledge and innovation to our team. As a GMP and GLP certified and FDA approved company, SYMBIOSIS can offer the highest quality of analytical services to its […]

Get Together

Get Together The last few months have been an incredible journey filled with growth and exciting new projects. For this reason, it was great to attend the recent “Get Together” organized by our holding Mex Group, which was also attended by our valued colleagues from ESfEQA GmbH, DiaMex GmbH, provitro AG and SYMBIOSIS. In front of our 150 colleagues, we […]

Buzzing atmosphere here at the EMBL Organoid Symposium!

Today we had some exciting presentations, and we have the feeling that the organoid community started uniting in the search for new relevant models. Are you looking for an alternative to Matrigel? We are looking forward to collaborating with you ! Visit us at the BIOMEX booth for a chat! Can’t make it to the […]

BIOMEX @ EMBO | EMBL Symposium

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be taking part in the EMBO | EMBL Symposium in Heidelberg from 18 – 21 October 2023. Our colleagues Davide Confalonieri, PhD and Djeda Belharazem will present our newest project: In vitro biological scaffolds based on natural human extracellular matrix by BIOMEX. We are looking for strong collaboration partners to take 3D […]

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