Empowering early detection with our cardiac biomarkers

According to the WHO, cardiovascular diseases are still the most common cause of death worldwide. In Germany alone, over 20% of women and more than 25% of men aged 65 and above suffer from coronary heart disease, a precursor to potentially fatal heart attacks. Patients with heart failure deserve similar attention, as their average five-year survival rate is less than 50%. Early detection is essential to ensure timely intervention and better results.

There are now reliable and sensitive biomarkers in the blood for both types of heart disease that support rapid and reliable diagnosis. In recent years, the quality of these laboratory tests has improved to such an extent that, for example, a heart attack can be detected or ruled out within the first few hours after the onset of suspicious chest pain. This buys valuable time to dissolve clots in the coronary arteries and to keep the vessels permanently open with a stent. To support the diagnostic research for laboratory tests we have more than 14.000 cardiac biomarkers on stock including myoglobin, CK, NT-pro BNP and many more.

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