BIOMEX provides Matched Sets from healthy donors

Discover the impact of anticoagulants on test results with our matched sets sourced from healthy donors. Available in panels of 5 or 10 samples, our sets ensure consistency and reliability for your research.

✔️ Rigorous Testing: All donors are tested negative for anti-HIV, anti-HCV, and HBsAg using CE certified tests, ensuring the highest quality of our samples.

📍 Convenient Collection: Samples are collected at our own Plasma Centers in Heidelberg and Munich, ensuring quality control from start to finish.

🌟 Customization Options: Need a specific configuration? No problem! We’re happy to accommodate custom requests for matched sets tailored to your unique research needs.

Of course, we also conduct Sample Storage Stability Studies for you – use our service for your projects.

Ready to elevate your research? Have a look here Our Matched Sets or reach out to us today!

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